Skill Services

Automotive Service Technician (Two-Wheeler)

Automotive Service Technician (two wheelers) is also known as Mechanic, Automotive Technician, Vehicle/ Automobile Technician, Automotive Mechanic, Repair and Maintenance Service Technician.

Brief Description: An Automotive Service Technician (Two Wheelers) is responsible for the repairing and servicing of two Wheeler vehicles.

Handset Repair Engineer

Brief Description: Handset repair engineer is responsible for performing handset repair including hardware and software components, testing the hand set for adequacy post repair and maintaining inventory levels of the hardware components.

Field Technician

Brief Description: Field Technician helps create, maintain and repair the electronic components and equipment used in any equipment or device that involves electricity. They can sometimes work with electricians or electrical engineers, or work on site to keep machinery and specialty equipment running correctly.